The Riemann Zeta Search Project started at 2013. The aim of the Riemann Zeta Search Project is locating peak values of the zeta function on the critical line in order to have a better understanding of the distribution of prime numbers. In the last few years the following records achieved by this project:

  • More than 5.5 million candidates where Z(t)>1\,000.
  • More than 100.000 candidates where Z(t) >10\,000.
  • Largest known value of Z(t) calculated and verified. For t = 310678833629083965667540576593682.05 we have Z(t) \approx 16874.202
  • Largest  known t  where \phi(t)>32/205.  For  t=6436526919750171929565.992 we have \phi(t)\approx 0.15905.